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Family friendly booking options

attend with a non-BJJ spouse:

We offer a package specifically for those who wish to attend the camp with a spouse who does not train BJJ. With this package you and your spouse will share a room, have all your meals included, and your spouse will have access to all the YMCA recreation facilities. The total cost of this package (for both you and your spouse) is $1549. You can book this package online on our booking page.

attend with children or multiple non-bjj family members:

If you wish to attend the camp with multiple family members who do not train BJJ, your best option is to choose our camp-only registration and then book your accommodations separately with the YMCA and take care of your own meals. The camp-only option costs $349. You can book accommodations with the YMCA on their booking page; family cabins typically start at $164 / night (meals not included).

Please Contact us to inquire about purchasing ADDITIONAL Family Friendly OptionS:


Phone: 720-443-4004