Camp Manager: Sarah Tynen

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Camp instructors

Priit Mihkelson

Hi, I’m Priit Mihkelson from Estonia. I’m a second degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve been involved in martial arts for 25 years, 18 of them devoted to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling and MMA. I’m the head coach of the largest grappling and MMA school in Estonia, 3D Treening.

My approach to training can best be described as ”Functionalistic Minimalism.” It’s based on fundamental postures and movements that every grappler and MMA fighter needs to know. I am known for my defensive escapes, especially from The Sitting Turtle. Meanwhile, teaching is an art in and of itself and I think that I have a lot to contribute to this aspect of our sports. I'm excited to join AJJC for June 2020. I often travel to teach at BJJ Globetrotters camps, but I have never been to Colorado, so I look forward to our adventures together!

charles harriott

Hello! I am Charles Harriott. I am an expert at teaching leg locks. I specialize in taking things like leg locks, inversions, and flying armbars and making them accessible and safe for beginners to learn. I prioritize making a safe training environment for everyone. 

Since I was a young boy, I studied a multitude of various fields, from breakdancing to physics. But through it all, martial arts was always a part of my life.


At the age of 30, almost nine years into a professional career as a software developer, I made a change. I left the office behind to embark on a journey to make martial arts the main focus of my life. I had always traveled within Florida to train. But as the years progressed, the journeys got longer. In 2018, I travelled to 90+ schools in 26 countries to train and teach BJJ.


After I got home, I decided to make this my life. I can't think of a better job. As a lifelong teacher, there are few things that give me as much joy as watching students gain proficiency and fall in love with their Jiu-Jitsu.  

Brad wolfson

Who knew that tagging along to a friend’s Jiu Jitsu class on that fateful day back in 1998 would be the one singular event that would change my life so drastically? It all started innocently enough. I had watched a skinny Brazilian named Royce Gracie open a can of whoop ass in those early UFC’s, gotten choked a few times on my friend’s lawn post fight; and… I really needed to get some exercise! A couple of good friends (the same friends who choked me after the fights on the lawn) had signed up for MMA/BJJ and were already in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so I decided to give it a shot too.

Fast forward 21 years, thousands of hours of training, several trips around the world in the name of Jiu Jitsu and some of the best friends and best times of my life; and here I am. I am a frequent BJJ Globetrotters camp instructor, owner of Soulcraft BJJ, and a promoter and ambassador for BJJ all over the world. I can't wait to join you in Colorado. 

Bjarni Baldursson

My name is Bjarni Baldursson and I'm from Iceland. I'm a BJJ black belt and teach at my gym Mjölnir MMA, where I am the co-owner. I'm also a regular coach at the BJJ Globetrotters camps. Both in my classes back home as well as when I'm teaching at camps, I focus on things everyone could do when training BJJ, regardless of physique or age.

Being one of a few who started BJJ in Iceland, there was no one to teach us, so we had to figure stuff out on our own. I've been teaching from day one of my training and that has formed my game the most. That has led me to always be searching for ways to simplify what I teach. I find the most crucial points and focus on the basics. I explain what everyone needs to do in any given position. I've been training and teaching BJJ for over 15 years now and I've never been more excited about BJJ than now. I look forward to sharing what I know with you all next summer!