Camp Manager: Sarah Tynen

​Tel: 720-443-4004

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"This camp exceeded my expectations! The black belt seminar instructors were very knowledgeable and the facilities were extremely clean. Everyone enjoyed each other during the evening social activities. The best part of the camp was networking and meeting such great people from all over the country. My favorite memory of the camp is hitting the town with everyone and just enjoying everyone’s company over a few beers. AND Adam’s magic tricks, of course!"-Jeff Dasalla, Fort Carson, CO, brown belt

"The training camp portion of this trip has been amazing! The seminars were great and the drills offered a new perspective on the different kinds of moves. The location was beautiful and the staff was friendly.


We liked the convenience of our whole group being in the same building. The mat room being just downstairs from our room was nice. We had lots of fun on the “night-out-on-the-town” group event, which was a great time to build friendships. We had some good laughs around the campfire. The most positive outcome of the camp was building relationships. Everyone was seriously so cool. The seminars were BOMB.


My favorite memory was going out to have drinks with the group. We got to know more about their lives and still nerd out about BJJ even though we weren’t on the mats.


Thank you guys so much, we really had an awesome time. We loved meeting so many beautiful humans. I can’t wait to practice the drills we learned at home."

-Annabelle Nordquist, Minnesota, white belt, and Mitch Straw, blue belt (one of our AJJC couples :)

"I highly recommend this camp! Everyone was so welcoming! It was a very supportive and encouraging environment with a great sense of community.


There was also a nice mix of styles from the instructors and participants. It was evident how passionate the instructors are about the sport. They gave great tips, techniques, and hands-on help and guidance. It was also cool how the instructors were genuinely interested in getting to know us.


The venue in general is BEAUTIFUL. The hike was so amazing and such a great value as it was free with camp admission. It was my first wintery, snow hike, but it won’t be the last! The best part of this camp was that I am feeling more confident in my jiujitsu. I am thrilled to now have a wider network of fellow BJJ enthusiasts.


I absolutely loved the hike, and the black belt instructors’ words of wisdom about their jiujitsu journeys and the pieces of advice they picked up along the way. It really was a great experience and well-worth the price!"


-Allie Wright, Atlanta, GA, blue belt, with Trey Johnson, blue belt (one of our photographers :) pictured on the camp hike in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains

"I had a blast! There was zero stress involved. The black belt seminars definitely took me out of my comfort zone. My favorite part of the camp was meeting new people. When we went out for drinks, we really got to know one another. Thank you Rox and Sarah for all the hard work and dedication!"-Stephen Martin, Fort Carson, CO, brown belt

"This camp was amazing! It was very efficiently run with amazing people. Not only were the instructors good, they could teach and communicate well. Everyone was a great person too, with relatable personalities and touching messages. It was a beautiful venue situated in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. The hike was incredible. Also, everybody at the camp was super cool to hang out with. I also felt like my jiujitsu really improved as a result of all the drilling and training. My favorite part of the camp was getting to share meals with the instructors in the cafeteria after each seminar."


-Jesse Rennicke, Wisconsin, white belt, pictured here with nogi instructor Isiah Wright

"This camp was very well organized. The leaders, Rox and Sarah, were very thoughtful. The facilities were amazing, the seminars were a good mix of different techniques, and the hike was beautiful. Overall, it was great community, great jiujitsu, and a great location. My favorite memory of the camp was the hike, as well as learning new techniques with the shin-to-shin De La Riva guard. My least favorite activity was checking out of the lodge and knowing the camp was over!"


-Jim Rennicke, Wisconsin, black belt in judo and white belt in jiujitsu, pictured here with camp manager Sarah Tynen, on father-son trip with Jesse Rennicke from above.

"This was a great opportunity to set aside a chunk of days dedicated to training, while having a vacation. Getting to meet new people while doing it was even better. I appreciated the effort to provide everyone with fun group activities...they were enjoyable and a great time to connect with everyone off the mats. The best part was to experience the sport I love with new people and to see how powerful this community is across the world. Despite my body fatigue, I feel refreshed and glad I made it on this trip!"


-Tim Gleason, Denver, CO, purple belt